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These articles and documents are “must reading” and are included here as a supplement to Documents IllustrativeTM. Click on the heading of each item in order to view the underlying article or documents.


    Transcripts from the Oliver North Iran-Contra Hearings containing the full statement made by U.S. Representative Henry Hyde from Illinois. The cover of the Joint Hearings transcript is included to show that this is real, along with pages 95 - 101, which are the most pertinent and contains Henry Hyde's statement. Henry Hyde’s statement starts on page 95 and is indicated by a red dot at the left margin half way down the page. The highlighted text, starting at the top of page 98, contains disturbing statements, in which he says,

    "...we in Congress--now we have a way of dealing with laws we don't like... you exempt yourself."

    "Public Law 95-435, which was passed some years ago, says that we can't spend any more money than we take in. That is as ignored as the 10th Amendment to the Constitution."

    "...if we can't ignore the law or exempt ourselves from it, we play games with the process."

Deficits and Deceptions

    “When politicians talk about economics, they usually do so in terms calculated to disguise the fact that they know less about the subject than you do. Debts and deficits are used almost as talismans, to ward off the evils of fiscal responsibility. They're also used so frequently as to have long since become commonplace and accepted.” more...   -- Steven Wiliam Rimmer

    Article written by Steven Wiliam Rimmer, who lives in Canada and is known for authoring several popular shareware graphics programs, a number of computer books, and four novels. Steven is also the owner and president of Alchemy Mindworks, Inc., a Canadian software company that provides web page designers with several fine graphics programs, such as GIF Construction Set. He is a ‘Totaled-out' Medieval Fantasy Enthusiast, which you get a taste of when you use his company’s programs or visit his web site. (Although this article was written by a Canadian about Canadian politics, economics and government, it contains unprecedented and uncanny parallels that shows Canada unwittingly following in our own unfortunate footsteps here in the United States -- only the chronology is different.)

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