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Documents IllustrativeTM Exclusive Feature

We gave Documents IllustrativeTM an extensive Index that contains convenient groupings of literally thousands of related references to hundreds of topics and subject matter across both the journals from the debates of the constitutional convention and The Federalist Papers. This will save you literally hours, if not days, of grueling manual searches that would otherwise be required using other products, or old-fashioned hardcopy. Finding some of the most inconspicuous related references scattered throughout these documents is now just a click away. Simply type the first few words you are looking for, then double-click the index entry you want. The topic is automatically displayed and positioned for you to the exact spot that the selected reference is located. To make it easy to identify the source of an item, entries that reference topics from within The Federalist Papers are denoted with an fp: beside them. And, if you cannot find what you are looking for in the Index, you can use the Find dialog to facilitate hard-to-find or un-indexed subject matter. Documents IllustrativeTM is the ONLY product in its class with an index as extensive as this!

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