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Documents IllustrativeTM V1.0c

of the Formation of the Union, with The Federalist PapersTM

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More About Documents IllustrativeTM

Documents Illustrative of the Formation of the Union, with the Federalist PapersTM is the result of more than four years of effort with the goal to build an easy to use extensively indexed electronic database containing an integrated compilation of The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, the notes of James Madison of the Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787; notes of delegate Major William Pierce from Georgia; resolves from the States in attendance; and several other relevant documents, papers and text concerning and pertaining to the Constitutional Convention of 1787, and of course The Federalist Papers.

These documents support and complement each other. By integrating these documents into a single electronic database, it makes it easy and fun to discover the texts showing you how the framers of the Constitution intended this great document to work. The texts are indexed with thousands of references to make it easy to look up the most common and relevant topics of the day and will be an invaluable aid for students, professionals, or just about anyone wishing to learn more about the formation of our country and the true meaning and intent behind the words that the framers used to compose the Constitution of our United States of America.

We feel that the more you use Documents Illustrative of the Formation of the Union, with the Federalist PapersTM, the more you will realize the simplicity of the document we call the Constitution of the United States of America. Contrary to what most of us have been taught, you will discover that there are few gray areas in the Constitution and, for the most part, it is a black & white legal document (contract) that quite literally means what it says; that the Constitution was written, not for attorneys, but for We The People, and you do not have to be an attorney or law professor to read and understand its true meaning and intent. You will also discover how the Constitution and our government is intended to work, the protection that is provided for us against extremism, the actual purpose of the 1st and 2nd branches of the Federal Legislature and why there are two branches, and the extent to which the framers went in order to secure against usurpations of power and to secure the sovereignty, safety and welfare of the States and the People. You will also discover the accuracy and thoroughness of The Federalist Papers when compared, side-by-side, with Madison’s notes from the Constitutional Convention and why, on the last day of the convention, it was decided that the journals of the Constitutional Convention should not be destroyed.

Whether you are a novice, student or law professor, we feel that you will find Documents Illustrative of the Formation of the Union, with the Federalist PapersTM, useful in many of your endeavors to seek out the truth, and original intent and meaning of the most significant works ever created in the history of political science.

Documents IllustrativeTM Exclusive Key Features

  • Lightening fast and efficient Microsoft WinHelp database allows you to conveniently work off-line at several times the speed of Web, Browser or PDF based databases.
  • Tutorials provide you useful navigational information to help you get the most out of your Documents IllustrativeTM V1.0c database.
  • Two separate databases. One with plain text and a second with color-coded highlighted text to make it easier than ever to identify key phrases and related topics.
  • Backward chronological links through the debates so that you can effortlessly trace the evolution of resolves and certain articles and sections in the Constitution.
  • All documents are reproduced with the same abbreviations, capitalization and italicization of words and phrases as found in the original published documents.
  • Fast and convenient pop-up topic windows are used for thousands of footnotes and other links, eliminating unnecessary repositioning of the documents and pages you are viewing.
  • Links to pop-up windows showing the full name and most acceptable and recognized spelling of each delegate throughout the journals of the Constitutional Convention, including links to character sketches by Major William Pierce and additional references that may be available.
  • Convenient easily accessible built-in table of all abbreviations used throughout all documents so you can quickly look-up the meaning of abbreviated words.
  • Get immediate “as you type” real-time search results and feedback with WinHelp FIND. Search across the entire integrated database of both the journals of the Constitutional Convention and The Federalist Papers. Never again will you have to enter exact phrases and then have to click a Search or Find button before getting any kind of feedback. Match on characters, words and phrases beginning, containing or ending with at least one search string, all search strings in any order, or all search strings in the exact order typed. All hits are automatically highlighted to make them easier to identify.
  • Expansive Table of Contents.
  • Extensive Index with thousands of references to make it easy to look up the most common and relevant topics of the day.
  • History Display, which displays a list of recently viewed topics in a special window.

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